A change of breeze

And so it begins…

If you ask any of my friends who they know who uses, engages with and is constantly glued to their facebook or twitter account I’ll definitely be top of their list (I often have friends call me and ask advice on anything from online promotion to how they can hide that picture on facebook from the guy they’re seeing…) yet I’ve never indulged in a blog.

I use the word ‘indulged’ in particular as I have found blogging to seem rather self-indulgant, enjoying the sound of your own voice, thinking anyone will care what you think. Yet what do I advise people or companies to do who need to get their brand and identity out there online and offer content to their social media followers? Start a blog.

So here I go practising what I preach…just me giving my thoughts on what’s happening in the digital world out there…enjoy…



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