Mapping social networks

As a lover of maps and social media I can’t get enough of this infographic showing social media networks represented by land-mass size. Updated last year following a 2007 version that showed a dominant MySpace and non-existent Twitter, the map from 2010 below shows just how large these communities are – and facebook has since grown to 600 million users…

The 2010 Social Networking Map
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application


One response to “Mapping social networks

  1. It’s fun – I love the power of graphics to help us grasp information in different ways. I remember seeing the 2007 version of this and having the same response though – the metaphor helps us understand some of the size issues, but distracts us from the issue of overlaps. How many of those twitter users are also on Facebook, for example?

    I quite liked this, which someone tweeted recently. Anyone have anything interesting on overlaps?

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