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Inspiring thoughts

Some more, inspiring words from Rev. Dave Tomlinson that I came across today (from ‘Imagine’, 27th March 2011) – and before any of you roll your eyes at ‘religion’, what I find inspiring about these quotes (as with all the talks Dave gives) is that it’s not about being ‘religious’ – it’s about being a kind, considerate, contemplative human being…

“Let me suggest a few possible pauses that you might engage in over the next week…

>> Concentrate on giving your full attention to someone when you’re tempted to drift away mentally or even walk away.

>> Identify one thing that if you got done would make you feel better about yourself.

>> Decide about something you can do each day this week to make another person’s life a bit better or happier.

>> Think about something you can do perhaps during the rest of lent to alleviate the suffering of a stranger.

And finally…
>> Every night this week before you go to sleep, pause and think of one thing you did during the day that you are proud of or pleased with and give yourself a well done – and rest in peace.”

Thought for the day

I wanted to preserve this quote/thought somewhere – as mentioned by Dave Tomlinson a few weeks ago:

“Redemptive action is where we choose to do or say something that may go against the grain in a situation or within ourselves but which opens up or nurtures new and positive possibilities. This may take the form of a resolution in our life where we break old patterns that are destructive or inhibiting and begin to live more fully.”

Which goes quite nicely with one of my favourite quotes:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”
[Neale Donald Walsch]